Our Products:

eMenu iPad App

Customers love eMenu because of the interactive, fun and personalized menu browsing and dining experience. Our iPad eMenu solution features vivid photos of delicious looking dishes and promotes restaurant’s special offers.

Customers can also interact on social media channels to like, rate or give review about the dishes, and provide valuable feedbacks.

The app helps to create strong brand identity through customized graphics, differentiate your restaurant from your competitors, and build strong customer loyalty.

iPad Restaurant POS

Restaurant and bar owners love iPad POS because the solution helps to increase customer spending and total revenue, cut down customers’ waiting time and increase staff productivity.

The app reduces steps in order taking and speed up the order submission process as orders are sent directly to the kitchen for food preparation.

Our iPad Restaurant POS solution also provides in-depth daily sales report to help your restaurant analyze customer behaviors and strategize appropriate products & pricing.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Kitchen Display System (KDS) provided by AMAS HUB is a real-time and dynamic web-based system.

It shows the list and details of all pending orders including: Order Time, Elapse Time, Traffic Light Status (Green, Yellow, Red) which help you to manage your restaurant’s orders in real-time and optimize customer service.

Digital Signage

We provide one-stop digital signage solution for restaurants, bars, fast food chains, and hotels. Digital signage has replaced static and chalkboard-style ads/menus to become one of the evolving customer engagement technologies because it has given restaurant owners the flexibility and effective communication to display and manage multiple ads at the same time. Benefits include:

– Digital menu boards on screens (LCD, plasma screen, projector, LED video-wall) to display various menu options throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and special promotions

– Multiple media formats to attract and communicate effectively with the customers – videos, audios, slide shows, text, flash, etc.

– Centralized control through digital signage player and digital signage software – easy to configure, update and customize

– Option to integrate with social media tools

Mobile Payment Enabled

Our iPad Menu & iPad POS can integrate with EMV certified mobile payment solutions. Our applications enable merchants to accept a card-present transactions through our mobile smart devices. This directly translates to a much lower Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) for any merchant.